Hello, we are anue.

We are fans of open standards, python, django and best practices. We provide software solutions that scale and are simple to maintain.

We think our software as a piece of art and that's why our development approach aims for KISS (Keeping It Simple, Silly).

We provide python and django based applications that help businesses to achieve their success.

  • DitchCity

    Ditchcity.com uses cutting-edge location technology and editorial curation to bring more relevant travel deals to consumers in every city worldwide.
    We provide DitchCity with the entire development team as well as the sysadmin team for server setup and deployment automation.

  • EpicStep

    EpicStep is a platform for creating and funding billboards for the messages you care about. It’s a place where like-minded people unite to make their voices heard via giant billboards for all to see.
    We are providing the Django development for ongoing support and adding new functionalities to the site.

  • LogN

    LogN is a consulting firm pationate about their work. They provide software solutions based on cutting edge technologies. They specialize in Social Media, Gaming and Education Technology.
    We provide outsourcing for them and have built several projects using Django and Pylons.

  • Munchly

    Munchly allows people to purchase food from their mobile phones.
    We provided Munchly with the entire development team. Also, we helped them with most of their sysadmin related tasks.

  • MyFreeNight

    MyFreeNight is a social site about night life around the world, but specialized to your home town.
    We have provided MyFreeNight with the entire development team and a sysadmin for deployment automation.

  • Nanoagenda

    Nanoagenda is a simple and intuitive online scheduling system. It offers not only the classic scheduling tools, but features reception tools to increase client interaction, allowing to request appointments at any time, any day.
    We provided the entire development team and sysadmin skills for server setup and deployment automation.

  • PrintedPiece

    PrintedPiece is a full, unique and creative community-driven platform, that connects designers and businesses around the world in the print industry.
    We have provided Django development for several iterations of enhancements to their site.

  • Savored

    Savored brings you access to insider pricing with the most popular restaurants across the United States. Savored make the dining experiences of their members more convenient and more affordable, and they do so by partnering with the finest restaurants.
    We provided Django development for Savored.

  • ZehnerGroup

    ZehnerGroup is an interactive agency headquartered in Los Angeles. They are passionate about web development and work to deliver the best solutions possible.
    We have built a handful of Django projects for them.



Building and maintaining Web apps should not be a headache. That's why we use Python+Django for our projects.

We turn ideas into reality and existing projects into better ones.

System administration

We provide ninja sysadmin skills for small/medium/high traffic servers.

We know how to setup mailing servers, automate deployments and optimize configurations.


If you need some of our experts in your own existing development team you can ask us for that.

Anue developers are great teammates commited to get the job done.


Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.